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Estate Planning Tools

Dreaming of retirement?

You need an estate plan to retire peacefully!

It’s quite shocking, but there are MILLIONS of Americans who do NOT have a well thought out estate plan.


Many Americans believe that having an estate plan simply means having a will...

The truth is, there is much more to estate planning!

Read below to learn more about the 5 tools that complete an estate plan.

Estate & Tax Planning

If you possess any level of wealth, and particularly if you have a spouse and/or children, it is crucial to leverage the estate planning tools listed below.




Durable Power of Attorney (DBA)


Marital Trusts


Irrevocable Life Insurance (ILIT)


Family Limited Partnership (FLP)

~15% of people do not have

~50% of people do not have

~60% of people do not have

~75% of people do not have

~90% of people do not have

These tools are fundamental to a retirement plan and should be leveraged by all individuals who want to preserve their wealth. If your estate plan does not include these tools, it is highly likely that you are leaving your assets exposed to probate expenses, estate taxes, legal actions, and other potential risks.

Schedule an appointment today so I can help you leverage these tools in retirement...

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