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Guaranteed Income Benefits for Life

The concept of using tools to provide a guaranteed lifetime income stream is more important than ever in a time when the stock market has been down 46% (2000-2002) and 50+% (2007-March 2009). 

Data from Yahoo finance.

We also understand people are worried about running out of money in retirement and, for some, the answer will be to use a Fixed Indexed Annuity (FIA) with guaranteed income for life benefit.

Would you be happy with a wealth-building tool that has the following characteristics?

  • 100% principal protection (your money will never go backward due to negative stock market returns).

  • Positive gains are locked in every year.

To learn more about FIAs with and without guaranteed income riders, simply watch the video.

Guaranteed Returns Coupled with a Guaranteed Income For Life

“What if Safe Money Tool #2 came with an Income Account Value* (not walk away value) that could provide a guaranteed lifetime income* you can never outlive? Would that interest you?”

Product Changes

There are a number of different FIAs with guaranteed income riders in the marketplace. These products change periodically and the goal with this page and video is to make you aware that these products exist and to explain how they work.

If you have an interest in learning more about these products and the best available products in the marketplace, please click here or phone 513-313-6908.

To sign up for a free consultation or to just get more information click here.

*Any guarantees mentioned are backed by the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company and may be subject to caps, restrictions, fees, and surrender charges as described in the annuity contract
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